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    50 Reunion Flashback Survey
       (Just for fun)

Dear Classmates,

Let everyone know what you've been up to.  We would like to hear back from all of you, even if you can't attend the reunion.  You may submit this survey from here, or print it out and mail it in, or scan and email.

This information will be published in a Flashback Handout for fellow classmates.
You can read the 50th Flashbacks on the Class Page.

 * indicates a required field

This is NOT a test!
Just fill out the questions you feel like answering.
* First Name
* Last Name
Last Name at Catalina High School (if different)

Currently Married?        How long?

Spouse/Significant other:

Married a CHS classmate?    
Married a CHS alumni from another year?

How many children?
How many grandchildren?     Great-grands?
To attend the 50th Reunion, I traveled from:
City, State, Country 
(Whatever is appropriate)

  Occupation, or retired from: 


  Favorite high school memories:

 Favorite CHS teachers:
What hobbies have you spent the most time enjoying throughout your life?
What are some favorite vacation experiences?
What 1970s movies or TV shows would you happily re-watch?


  What have you been up to?

What s something significant you've learned or are proud of in the past 50 years? 50 years, Holy cow!

  Message to class:

Do you have any photos you'd like to share with the class? 
From the 70s or current.
Email them to

"Optional" contact info to share, if classmates want to say hi:
  (This will be included in the Flashback Handout.)
  Do Not share my contact info with Classmates.
Email Address
Alternate Phone
Mailing Address
Line 2

Note: We may randomly pull the survey sheets and read some of the answers during the reunion....   and this information will be published here on this website and possibly in a printed Flashback Handout for fellow classmates.
Consequently, don't include any contact info or comments you'd rather NOT share.

I give CHS73 permission to Publish my 50th Flashback input.Yes   No

I give CHS73 permission to Publish my 20th and 40th Flashback input.Yes   No

Thank you for staying in touch!

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